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IRIS Brochure

IRIS Brochure (see below to download a copy)

Want to learn more about Video Relay Services for the deaf? Interested in a brochure about IRIS? Want to know what kinds of information IRIS representatives cover when they assess a Call Center?

Please download a PDF file of any of the items listed below:

1. Guide to Video Relay Services:

What is VRS

2. Introduction to IRIS services:

IRIS brochure

3. Short Sample of Call Center Survey used by IRIS representatives:

Assessment Survey Sample

DISCLAIMER: The sample forms and free guides on the IrisInstruction.com website are available to copy and use. They are samples that have been made available to the public at no charge. IRIS makes no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of these documents and specifically disclaims all warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. These documents may not be suitable for your particular situation or need. Please consult your IRIS representative to learn how this information may apply to your business.

These samples should not be sold or incorporated into any for-profit resource or publication.

IRIS- incorporating relay into service

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