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What kinds of Services does IRIS provide?

IRIS (Incorporating Relay Into Service) offers consulting and development for your company’s Call Center(s) on how to handle video relay calls. Do your customer service reps need extra training on how to take care of deaf and hard-of-hearing customers? Need to develop appropriate scripts to make sure video relay calls are handled with care? Do you want an analysis of your Call Center’s procedures? We can help in all of those areas.

Read on to learn more about our services, or Contact Us today to have an IRIS representative craft a personalized quote on how we can help your Call Center meet the needs of deaf and hard-of-hearing customers.

Helping Your Deaf Customers

There are more than 4 million adults in the United States with a hearing disability, and because of advancements in technology, companies worldwide are seeing an increase in relay calls from the deaf community. This in turn can lead to more issues such as lack of proper training to handle these calls, potential lawsuits and complaints to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

IRIS is a consulting company that provides FCC-complaint training for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) who take relay calls from deaf or hard-of-hearing clients. We can help balance customer expectations and financial objectives, by identifying the performance metrics that will drive success to your company. Your firm will receive unparalleled insights to improve operations and management.

Develop Video Phone Reps

IRIS also develops and pilots Video Phone Customer Service Representative (VCS) programs that pair deaf customers with deaf CSRs through a video phone. This type of support feature allows deaf customers to reach a company’s deaf agent who speaks American Sign Language as their primary language.

dreamstime_m_46967038We Provide Training and Assessments

We provide to IRIS customers:
• Staff development
• Training (see our Training page for more info)
• Technology support referrals
• Scripts and manuals
• Policy and procedure development of employees and deaf customers
• Staff assessment (see our Assessments page for more info)

We will also produce and provide statistics and metrics to companies on Video VCS in American Sign Language for their company. IRIS will help a company go live with this program and help them develop, coordinate, assist and review all its components in a consulting aspect for the company. This type of program is ADA and FCC compliant and will also provide job opportunities for those in the deaf community.

Surveys and CSR Scripts

At IRIS, we can also help you meet the needs of your deaf customers in these additional ways:

  • Surveys tailored and geared for your deaf customers’ needs, sensitive to relay and deaf culture
  • Design materials and informative brochures for your staff, developed with deaf culture sensitivity perspective and political correct appropriateness
  • Script and language development for reaching deaf customers as well as video review and assessment for informative company customer videos
  • Video blogs (VLOG) and social media for your company, maintained and reviewed for company in American Sign Language for IRIS’ clients’ deaf customers
  • VLOG translations of your company materials into American Sign Language for your deaf customers.

Ready to learn more? Please Contact Us today.

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